Braintrust President Brian Rabon Featured in New Issue of Better Software

As the President of The Braintrust Consulting Group and as a Project Management Futurist, Brian Rabon is a leading expert on Agile. This month, he loaned his expertise to Better Software Magazine by writing an article entitled “Being Agile, Even If My Organization Isn’t”. In this article, Brian takes a closer look at what it truly … Read More

It’s Monday, Are You Motivated?

Motivated People Only!

How do you feel when you are not motivated? Are you productive? Do you do your best work? Are you happy? What purpose does motivation serve in living an Agile life? I am a firm believer that motivation is one of the key ingredients in achieving Personal Agility. For when we are motivated we are … Read More

The Need For Frequent Personal Retrospectives

In Scrum (An Agile method) we hold a retrospective at the end of every Sprint (A working period, typically 2 to 4 weeks long). During a retrospective we ask questions like; “What worked well this Sprint?”, “What do we need to do differently next Sprint?” The point of these questions is give the team some … Read More