Perfection, It Can Be A Dirty Word!!!

Clear Vision

How many of your strive for “perfection” in everything that you do? Are you meticulous and take great pride in doing your best work? Are you not willing to share anything with anyone else unless it meets your exacting standards? Guess what? For all your best attentions you are exhibiting a self-limiting behavior! According to … Read More

Want A Happier Marriage? Make Your Spouse Your Product Owner(*)!

New Shutters

How many of you may have had a similar experience last time you moved? My wife and I re-located to Salt Lake City, Utah in June of 2013. We love our new house, but we initially we had an issue. The windows had no treatments on them. From a man’s perspective it didn’t bother me, … Read More

Fear Sucks, How We Can Overcome It To Become More Agile

Taking Smart Risks

How many of you would like to be more Agile, but are afraid to make the necessary changes in your life? Are you concerned that if you leave a task for someone else to do it won’t get done right, so you continue doing it all yourself? Are you afraid to try a Personal Kanban, … Read More

Stuck In A Rut, Change Your Scenery

Stuck In A Rut

Do you ever feel that you are stuck in the same old routine? That every day seems like a carbon copy of the one before it? Do you feel that you have stopped growing? Sometimes it takes someone pointing it out to you or some serious introspection to notice, but it does happen from time-to-time. … Read More

It’s Monday, Are You Motivated?

Motivated People Only!

How do you feel when you are not motivated? Are you productive? Do you do your best work? Are you happy? What purpose does motivation serve in living an Agile life? I am a firm believer that motivation is one of the key ingredients in achieving Personal Agility. For when we are motivated we are … Read More

Find More Time To Do The Things That You Love By Forming Your Own Team


In his book entitled “How The Best Get Better”, management consultant Dan Sullivan describes a pattern of behavior that he has coined the “Rugged Individualist”. A “Rugged Individualist” is someone who feels that they can do everything by themselves and that they don’t need anyone else to help them. The problem with trying to do … Read More