What Exactly is Scrum?

The most simple response to “what exactly is Scrum?” is that Scrum is a great framework for developers. But why is this? Well, in a competitive software development market, things need to move fast. Newer technologies become available and customer needs evolve quickly. This also means that development teams must move fast. Also, they must … Read More

Braintrust President Brian Rabon Featured in New Issue of Better Software

As the President of The Braintrust Consulting Group and as a Project Management Futurist, Brian Rabon is a leading expert on Agile. This month, he loaned his expertise to Better Software Magazine by writing an article entitled “Being Agile, Even If My Organization Isn’t”. In this article, Brian takes a closer look at what it truly … Read More

Guest Post – Jessica Kennedy – Personal Agility

Jessica Kennedy

Living Agile – What is living agile? By: Jessica Kennedy Are your ready to embrace change? Put your obligations into perspective? Do what you want to do?!? Living agile is being adaptable. Bringing into your life new experiences, new opportunities. Living Agile is maximizing all your resources; your time, your money, and what you want … Read More

Don’t Let Technical Debt Rent Space In Your Mind

Broken Down Car

When was the last time that you were bitten by putting off something that you should have taken care of immediately? Did it cause a big inconvenience in your life? Did it cost you a lot of money? Technical debt is sneaky because we often don’t recognize when we are incurring it. Technical debt is … Read More

Failure Sucks! We all fall down, but do we all get back up?

Entrepreneurial Spirit

I failed today! I was teaching the second day of a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) class and I didn’t show up on time. Here is what happened… Lately I have been under a tremendous amount of stress; I am launching a new book, delivering a marathon of speeches and training classes, and running our … Read More

To Be More Agile Learn To Say No!

LIfe As Flow

Do you have a hard time telling someone no when they ask you to do something? Do you tend to overcommit yourself on a regular basis? What affect does this over-commitment have on your life? Remember being a student and studying the night before a final only to have a friend ask you to go … Read More