Braintrust Launches The Center for Agile Leadership!

Center for Agile Leadership

From the Desk of Brian Rabon: My name is Brian Rabon and you may know me as the President of Braintrust Consulting Group. I’ve had the pleasure to meet and train many of you in our certified Scrum classes over the last eight years and now I have something brand new that I am excited … Read More

Braintrust President Brian Rabon Featured in New Issue of Better Software


As the President of The Braintrust Consulting Group and as a Project Management Futurist, Brian Rabon is a leading expert on Agile. This month, he loaned his expertise to Better Software Magazine by writing an article entitled “Being Agile, Even If My Organization Isn’t”. In this article, Brian takes a closer look at what it truly … Read More

To Be A Great Leader Sometimes We Need To Shut Up And Listen

Personal Agility - Situational Leadership

Ever notice how people in leadership positions seem to have diarrhea of the mouth? How they tend to corner you and talk and talk and talk? All you need is a quick answer, but you don’t dare ask for fear of being trapped in a long one-way dialogue? Perhaps people who love to talk are … Read More