Transparency in your team

Transparency. Crystal Clear. See for miles. In the context of business relationships, however, it boils down to a rather simple definition: don’t lie or be deceitful During the debt crisis, the American public has become quite familiar with not only being referred to as a collective group instead of individuals (Heard too much of what … Read More

That’s not my job!

When you’re working on a scrum team the most important aspect of the team is the results that team achieves. The client is not going to care whether or not the project manager ended up mopping the floor before the day was over. Equally, it will not matter if the person whose “role” declared they … Read More

How To Work Outside Your Comfort Zone

Found this article today on Business Thought you guys could relate. Discusses topics on How to Work Outside Your Comfort Zone. Read original article here. New managers frequently ask me how to cope with conflicts among colleagues, especially when working on and with global teams. I’ve headed up several internal startup businesses within IBM … Read More

Role, Function, and Purpose. Not the same things.

You may feel like you’re headed back to English class, but let’s take a minute and discuss the semantics behind Role, Function, and Purpose as words themselves. They are individual words within the English language that often get used interchangeably when in fact, each word has not only it’s own meaning, but it’s own usage … Read More

Scrum Gathering in Seattle, WA. May 16-18

The next Scrum Gathering is coming up next week! May 16-18, 2011 to be exact, and you want to be there! At a Scrum Gathering, PMs can get plugged into a great community of Scrum leaders, learn new techniques, share your own, and grow as a PM. It is a fantastic way to network and … Read More