Restrospective Every Sprint

To prevent a project from getting overwhelming, project managers break down their tasks into specified intervals called “sprints”. (Alistair Cockburn recommends one month, others will say these sprints can be as short as two weeks). You reach these “mini-goals” one at a time, and ultimately you reach the final destination.(Read more about the definition of … Read More

Leadership defines the container for the team to work in

When you are a leader, you have to be in control. Remember that control does not mean micro-management, but it also does not mean sit back and let it handle itself. Your team needs to have the parameters defined for them as to where they can work, how they can work, what resources are available, … Read More

Out with command and control, in with servant leadership

Have you ever seen an old war film where POWs are trapped inside a concentration camp and one lone leader emerges to usher everyone in the hut onto a team and ultimately to escape? After the obligatory battles and moments of tension, of course. Why is it that the POWs are not loyal to the … Read More

Transparency in your team

Transparency. Crystal Clear. See for miles. In the context of business relationships, however, it boils down to a rather simple definition: don’t lie or be deceitful During the debt crisis, the American public has become quite familiar with not only being referred to as a collective group instead of individuals (Heard too much of what … Read More

How To Work Outside Your Comfort Zone

Found this article today on Business Thought you guys could relate. Discusses topics on How to Work Outside Your Comfort Zone. Read original article here. New managers frequently ask me how to cope with conflicts among colleagues, especially when working on and with global teams. I’ve headed up several internal startup businesses within IBM … Read More