Jerry Rajamoney Innovates On Our ScrumMaster Maturity Model (SM^3)

At Braintrust we love it when the community takes one of our ideas, applies it, adapts it, or improves it. Recently we were contacted by Jerry Rajamoney, Principal Program Manager and Agile Coach at EMC. Jerry had come across our ScrumMaster Maturity Model (SM^3) and applied it at work. He was able to adapt the … Read More

Agile and H&R Block – A Braintrust Success Story

Imagine the world’s largest tax preparation firm. Combine that with the complicated United States tax code. Add in a corporate culture that has been in place since 1955. Doesn’t sound like the kind of environment where Agile might take root, does it? That was the challenge for Braintrust Consulting Group. In 2011, H&R Block signed … Read More

Transparency in your team

Transparency. Crystal Clear. See for miles. In the context of business relationships, however, it boils down to a rather simple definition: don’t lie or be deceitful During the debt crisis, the American public has become quite familiar with not only being referred to as a collective group instead of individuals (Heard too much of what … Read More

Shanghai Trip: Travel Highlights

Recently I had the opportunity to partner with a fellow Scrum Training company in China. It was important for Braintrust to partner in China in order to grow our business internationally, help out a partner company, and —quite simply—because it was cool. The partnering company was OutSofting. I met Julien Masloum (President of OutSofting) last … Read More

Staying current in an ever changing field

Much like medical doctors have to stay on top of the major changes in medical advice and even the invention of new medications and FDA laws, etc, so project management will come with its’ updates, changes, and inventions of new methodologies.