Role, Function, & Purpose: Not One in the Same

Roles, Function, Purpose, & Project Management Written by Brian Rabon. June 28, 2011, 10:45am. You may feel like you’re headed back to English class, but let’s take a moment to discuss the semantics behind the definition and usage of Role, Function, and Purpose as words. They are individual words within the English language that are … Read More

Living Your Values: You Made a Powerful Pact, Now Stick to It!

CORE VALUES LEAD TO BETTER DECISION MAKING. This is a statement we can all get behind, right? Core values, by definition, are a set of fundamental beliefs which dictate behavior. These beliefs guide an organization’s conduct as well as its relationship with the external world. Used correctly, core values should guide actions, unite employees, and define … Read More

Agile in Change Management: Is Your Company in Dire Need of a Turnaround?

Conventional Turnaround vs. Agile Turnaround In a conventional turnaround, a small team of people at the top tries to figure out a company’s problems and make the necessary changes. In an agile turnaround, hundreds or even thousands of employees attack those problems at the root — and are learning skills they can put to work when … Read More

Can Agile Work in Government?

Deloitte Insights recently published new findings that show that major federal software projects are getting smaller and shorter. They also found that in 2017 almost 80 percent of major federal software projects are now classified as either Agile or iterative. Click here to read the full report. However, at The Braintrust Consulting Group we still encounter … Read More

Agile2017 Conference

As you probably know, Agile2017 Conference is taking place this week. We’re very excited that Braintrust President, Kate Megaw and Braintrust Certified Scrum Trainer & Agile Coach, Anu Smalley will be co-presenting a brand new topic, Agile Leadership: The Power of Influence. If you would like to download the slides from their presentation, please click … Read More

Braintrust Launches The Center for Agile Leadership!

Center for Agile Leadership

From the Desk of Brian Rabon: My name is Brian Rabon and you may know me as the President of Braintrust Consulting Group. I’ve had the pleasure to meet and train many of you in our certified Scrum classes over the last eight years and now I have something brand new that I am excited … Read More

SAFE ≠ AGILE (Part 2)

Not Equal

by Tom Mellor, CST    (Part 2 of 2) If you haven’t read part 1 it would be helpful to go back and read it. You can find it here  As a reminder, the close of Part 1 – I didn’t wish to foment organizational change.  My purpose was selfish: improve the odds that we would deliver … Read More