From Chaos to Calm—Taming Your To Do List

Are you struggling to get from chaos to calm? Join Braintrust President Kate Megaw as she explores some of the personal organization tools you can use to help you move from reactive mode to proactive mode. Come armed with Post-Its and a pen!  

Agile and WFH Teams Panel Discussion

In light of current events, COVID-19 is forcing many teams to move to embrace distributed and #suddenyremote work. In this panel session, we’ll learn how a few companies are adapting to the new environment and consider a few challenges they are facing along the way.

How to Be Agile at Home

Hosted by Kate Megaw, CST When everything feels crazy, it’s good to use Agile methods to bring structure to your life. Join us for a discussion with the Braintrust Team on how they’re adopting Agile at home with their families.

Virtual Class Roundtable with Braintrust Trainers

Have you been wondering if a Braintrust Virtual Class is right for you? Join us for a discussion with Braintrust Trainers as they give you an inside peek on how Braintrust Virtual Classes run, share their highlights and struggles, and answer questions from the audience!

Tips on How to Work Remotely

Presented by Ben Floyd, CSP Join us for a discussion with Braintrust Trainer Ben Floyd for tips on how to work remotely. We will go over everything from how to create your own Kanban Board to how to keep your kids or partner out of your hair during conference calls! You’ll earn 1 free SEU/PDU … Read More

How Scrum Teams Work Remotely

Presented by Ben Floyd, CSP With the sudden disruption in our daily lives, how can a Scrum Team work together remotely? Join us for a discussion about the characteristics of a Scrum Team that will succeed in these challenging times.

Sharing the Agile Mindset

Presented by Bill Schaller, CSP Has your Agile program plateaued? Maybe you need to share the Agile love! This webinar discusses the importance of developing and sharing an Agile mindset that will lift your teams, leadership, and organizations to become more Agile.