Why You Should Treat Your Team to Private Training

June 24, 2021

As things begin to return to the “New Normal,” one of the things many of our clients are doing is investing in Private Training for their Teams— role-specific training (CSM, CSPO), areas of specific challenge (User Story Writing), or an Organization-wide push to BE Agile.

Given that engaged employees help Organizations succeed, reduce team turnover, and lead to happier customers, we need to do whatever we can to help move the needle back to more engaged Team members.

That’s where Private Training comes in! 

Dates & time zones that work for your team

When you book Private Training with Braintrust, you’re not bound to the public class schedule. You get to tell us what days and times work best for your Team! 

Flexible delivery schedules (full days, half days etc)

The same goes with the length of the class—we understand that some Organizations cannot take full days off for training, so we can split the classes into half-day sessions.

Flexible delivery formats—virtual or in-person

You read that correctly—Braintrust is going back to in-person training! One of our Trainers can come out to your Organization, or we can train your Team virtually through Zoom and MURAL boards. There are benefits to both, and you can weigh which works best for your Team.

Safe space to discuss and solve company-specific challenges

With Private Training, your Team can freely discuss and issues or roadblocks your Organization is facing and work through solutions.

Help your team fast forward through Tuckmans stages of team development

 The Tuckmans Stages of Team Development (Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing) can be difficult to work through without outside help. Our Trainers will help your Team to reach the Performing Stage successfully.

Create long-lasting team dynamics

A Team that trains together, grows together. 

Have FUN while learning

One thing that sets Braintrust apart from everyone else is our passion for learning and our ability to have fun in the classroom!


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