Why would I need Project Management?

October 25, 2010

The idea that your business would need someone to come in and help manage a large task, event, or goal that your company is seeking to accomplish is truly an ancient one. However, there are those who remain concerned that Project Management (PM) is a “new fangled” idea and that their companies will run “just fine” without PM skills. I respectfully disagree, and let me show you some reasons why your company might need project management.

1) When you have a large project does everyone involved understand the ultimate goal? You can test this theory by asking each person to write a small paragraph summarizing the project as a whole. See how many different answers arrive, and I bet there will be many.

2) Did you know that only 34% of planned projects ever come to fruition? Did you know the main reason for this statistic is poor organization and planning?

3) Take a look at your stress factor as an indicator for the amount of stress that goes on in your company during the implementation of large change or project. Do you worry about losing employees or about company morale because of this large amount of stress? What about the bottom line? Are all of your other commitments met during a project?

If you can identify with any of the above statements, then Project Management is not only valuable for your company, but it quite essential. Project Managers are trained (that’s what all those PMP letters after there name is there to certify) to not only get a project completed, but to do so with minimal stress, expert levels of organization and efficiency, all while keeping everyone informed and motivated right to the finish line.

As a company owner or even employee or department head, you have a job to do and it only makes sense that when a project needs to be completed a PM coming to help can save everyone time and headaches because that one project can be the PM’s main—and only—goal. This reality frees up the rest of the company to continue functioning at the high level of success you expect from your people. So if you’re on the fence about PM, give it a try. You won’t go back to the old way of doing things.



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