Why Return to In-Person Classes

June 16, 2021

We have some exciting news—Braintrust is going back into the classroom! 

Our live, virtual training has gone better than we ever could have imagined when we made the pivot in March 2020. Our students loved virtual classes, our Trainers enjoyed spending more time at home, and it has been a major success.

But we’ve missed seeing you in person! A large part of what makes The Braintrust Consulting Group unique is our fun, in-person classes. So we’re packing our bags and coming to a city near you.

Why Return to In-Person Classes


Meet fellow agilists

Nothing replaces the organic conversations that happen before class, during lunch, and after class. You get to meet like-minded individuals on a similar journey as you, brainstorm solutions for roadblocks, and simply make new friends. We often find that students stay in touch for years after their class together! 

Get individualized attention

With our Covid-safe class sizes, you will have two full days of opportunities to engage with your Trainer. Not that you can’t ask questions in a virtual class, but you can take advantage of those moments when your Trainer is walking around the room offering feedback to students without derailing the entire class conversation.

Travel again!

After a year and a half of working from home, won’t it feel nice to have a change of environment surrounded by new people? Treat yourself to a professional development getaway!

Enjoy hands-on learning

From a room full of pigs and chickens to walls full of Post-It notes and drawings, Braintrust has always been known for our fun classes. Sure, breakout rooms are great, but having paper airplane-making competitions is more fun!

Experience The Braintrust Difference

Most importantly, we are excited to have you back in the classroom to do what we do best—demonstrate our passion for Scrum, have fun while learning, provide extreme customer service, and help you continue to grow on #YourAgileJourney.


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