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What is the Real Value of Certifications?

November 17, 2020

In a world where Agile is becoming increasingly known and popular, there are many Agile classes to take, webinars to attend, and books to read. 

And while all education is important, having actual Agile certifications are invaluable to you, your team, and your organization.


Value to the Organization

If you have Certified ScrumMasters & Product Owners within your organization, you can be confident they understand what their role entails. For Advanced Certified ScrumMaster & Certified Scrum Professional-ScrumMaster, Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner & Certified Scrum Professional-Product Owner, not only do they understand the role, but they take it beyond the basics to explore working with stakeholders, coaching teams and bettering your organization.

If our goal in Scrum is delivered product and happy customers, then well trained, certified individuals give us a competitive advantage. One of my favorite quotes and comeback are:

“What happens if we train people & they leave….”

“Well what happens if you don’t train them and they stay…”

In our rapidly changing world ,employees with Scrum certifications, and an understanding of Agility are uniquely positioned to let organizations grow in times of uncertainty. No matter whether you use Scrum, Kanban, something else, or event a blend, the pillars of Transparency, Inspection, & Adaptation allow rapid pivoting in today’s environment.


Value to the Team

We have often seen companies where they have a Certified ScrumMaster deliver more outcome (not simply output) with happier customers and team members. The customer gets what they expect as the ScrumMaster keeps the team focused, and the team has less disruptions, allowing them to finish the work they have committed to.


Value to the Individual

And of course, let’s not forget the value of a certification to the individual.

Certification goes a long way in giving our ScrumMasters & Product Owners the courage to explore their role. We especially hear that there is less of a feeling of imposter syndrome for new ScrumMasters as they enter the workforce with their new certification, because they have spent at least two days in an interactive class, sharing and learning with each other.

For those looking to change roles, many people find that Scrum certifications open lots of new doors. Given the increase in electronic applications and screening for certifications, certified ScrumMaster & Product Owner certifications are a great advantage. These certifications set you apart as an applicant, highlighting the difference between you with the certifications and others without.


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