What is corporate culture?

May 6, 2010

Corporate Culture gets its identity from many of the same tenants that create a national culture.

Dealing with the same problems, living in the same area, going through the same life experiences. All of these things, and more, play a role in the corporate culture and attitude of the employees. references Sonnenfeld in an article by Dr. Fahti El-Nadi who describes corporate culture as being 4-fold:

“In 1988 Sonnenfeld defined four types: the academy (exposing members to different jobs so they can move within the organization), the club (which is concerned with people fitting in), the baseball team (with its well-rewarded stars who leave for better opportunities) and the fortress (concerned primarily with survival).”

Still, the article argues, others will insist that corporate culture is defined by sociability or the interaction of employees on a personal level. Read More Here



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