What is Agile Project Management?

April 22, 2010

Agile Project Management (APM) is a ”light-weight” alternative approach to managing projects. Agile is focused on; business value, iterative development, customer interactions, and quality.

Kathleen Hass, of Project Smart in the UK, says that Agile Project Management is needed “For projects involving a significant software component” where the requirements are “elusive, volatile and subject to change”.

It differs most distinctly from Traditional Project Management (TPM) in that where TPM is more predictable, APM is more flexible.

Which one you need depends on what kind of project you are implementing.

Agile methods (as opposed to TPM) are often preferred when these following conditions exists within your project:

  • The Value of your Project is well defined
  • You, the client, are going to be an active part of the project
  • The client and all the designers and developers are in the same geographical area cumulative element-motivated development is possible Visual aids and pictorial documentation, such as posters and slides are allowed
  • The rest of Kathleen’s article is very detailed and very informative, check it out here.


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