What can your company do for my business?

April 15, 2010

If you are thinking about hiring a project manager, you are in the right place. Earlier we defined what project management was, but here we tell you all about how we can help your company successfully complete your biggest company projects.

Fundamentally The Braintrust Consulting Group can help instill a culture of execution within your organization. We can help you setup a light-weight process that is focused on business value and not process for process’s sake. We can help you “unlock” the true potential of Project Management within your organization.

Much like in school when you hated doing the “busy work”, well we remove all the busy work from project execution. We get in there, we do what’s needed, and we’re gone. Leaving your company securely settled with the profit from a successfully completed project.

Here at Braintrust we know that managing a company project is a discipline. It takes time, effort, planning, organization, and effective team work. You are busy and your employees are busy, so there isn’t always that extra person to step in and be the third hand you wish you had. UNTIL NOW. Braintrust consultants are just that–the extra help you need to make your company succeed.



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