We Support Bringing Agility to Hope High School

August 4, 2014

A message from John Miller, a close friend of The Braintrust Consulting Group

I have been volunteering for Hope High School, a charter school in Arizona, part of the Blueprint Education charter school system. They help “at-risk” students where regular public school has not been able to meet their needs. This school is often their last chance to get a high school diploma. Hope High School knows that they need a better model to help these kids, and see Agile as the way to do it. Out of all the schools and classrooms I have helped over the past few years, this school has the greatest potential to make this happen, from leadership to every classroom.

They have a Dream Team of Agile Educators. Since I started volunteering to help Blueprint bring Agile into their headquarters, their CEO (Mark French), COO (Marmy Kondras), and a high school teacher (Jeff Horton) have all become Certified ScrumMasters. The Principal of Hope High School, Krissyn Sumare, used Agile at a technical college in their game development program, and is a big believer.

After a half day Agility workshop this summer, the entire staff of Hope High School has bought in. If successful there, Blueprint Education plans on bringing Agile to all their other schools. This could be the tipping point to start spreading Agility in more and more schools. As these kids talk to their parents and they themselves enter the workforce with an Agile mindset, Agile is bound to spread exponentially, and that is also good for business.

Yet, even with their enthusiasm, it might not happen. They need lots of support and coaching. My experience has proved that if teachers do not have in-person coaching and support, their experiment with Agile in the classroom dies a quick death. So we are raising funds through Indiegogo to support continuous coaching and resources for the teachers and students.

I am reaching out to you to donate to this great cause.  Your donation will make an immediate impact on student lives and will give momentum to the fundraising effort. The more you donate, the more time and resources we can put toward making this successful. You will leave a legacy, and maybe start a real movement in K-12 education.

With Deep Gratitude,

John Miller


Vibrant Lives, Work, Communities, & Schools


The Braintrust Consulting Group is supporting this effort and has made a substantial donation. Won’t you join us?



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