Update from the PMI: RDS, PMP, and Customer Support

October 18, 2010

The following is from the PMI announcement recently titled “Update on PMP: What You Need to Know”

“…Strategically managing the Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is at the forefront of this program.

PMI conducts a Role Delineation Study (RDS) every five to seven years, for each of our credentials based on the role in project management the credential serves. We have just completed the RDS for the PMP and are preparing operational improvements and communications to keep PMI key stakeholders informed of what the RDS is and how it affects them.

Why is the RDS important for the continuing development of the PMP?

Conducting an RDS enables PMI to identify the most current and critical elements of the professional practice of project management. This ensures that the credential examinations continue to assess what is most relevant in the day-to-day work of project managers as the profession evolves over time. In the global marketplace, the PMP credential’s accreditation under ISO 17024 provides a distinctive differentiation, and this accreditation also requires that we conduct the RDS.

How will the results of the RDS affect the PMP?

The results of the RDS produced an updated description of the professional role of a PMP. The responses met the requirements for statistical relevancy and adequately reflected the profession in geographic, industry, and other standard demographics. Feedback was collected from more than 3,000 PMP credential holders from 97 countries and representing all levels of organizations, from 45 self-identified CEOs to 1,381 project managers.

The outcomes of the PMP RDS provide PMI with a blueprint for updating the credential. The major outcomes of the RDS are detailed below:

The education and experience requirements that define the eligibility for the existing PMP examination remain appropriate and will not be changed.

Approximately 30% of the PMP exam content will change as a result of new or substantial changes to reflect the role as defined by the RDS. This change will be implemented through existing items being updated as appropriate, new examination items being developed to meet these requirements, and old items which do not meet the criteria being retired.To read more about the changes, including deadlines and dates you can read the PMI Update Here.

What do you need to know so that you can support your customers?PMI will finalize these changes to the PMP examination with the targeted release globally on 31 August 2011. This is the date to communicate to people who want to take the examination so they can prepare using the proper materials before 31 August 2011 study materials are the same as today.

31 August 2011 and after new materials will be aligned to the PMP Examination Content Outline, which is publicly available now.

The PMP Examination Content Outline will be available beginning this month (October 2010).

To download the documents mentioned in this update, as well to access a full rendering of this update please click here.



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