Travel Journal: China, Part 3 – Return Home

May 24, 2010

Brian and Friends at the Shanghai Scrum Gathering

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 – 3:17 AM (US)

I am very glad that I decided to go to Shanghai. It was a great life experience. I am a little frustrated today; I guess I am ready to be home. The talk yesterday went pretty well; it was one of the largest audiences that I have every presented to (100+). I stumbled a little at the beginning and the humor didn’t work as well as it normally would have (I think that this was a cultural issue). I did have a good 4-5 people come up after the presentation and share their feedback. One guy called me out for contradicting myself. I think I caused a few people to think and probably taught a few new ideas.

My assessment of Scrum in China… Senior executives, in response to the global financial crisis have said we are going to do Scrum, the development staff is excited, but novices with Scrum. They are all smart and capable, but they have a lot of questions and are looking for answers. I would say that China is ripe for consulting and currently underserved. How do you capitalize on this?



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