Training From The Back Of The Room With Sharon Bowman

August 11, 2015

Sharon Bowman

If you have attended one of our Braintrust training classes, then you know we do things a little differently. We build paper airplanes, we design board games, and we even make fruit salads in classes. We do these fun, interactive learning activities because we use  Sharon Bowman’s techniques for teaching from the back of the room.

After receiving requests from other trainers as well as class attendees, we are proud to announce that Braintrust Consulting Group is bringing Sharon and her training techniques to Sacramento and Orlando for four special classes. The last time that we offered these classes, they sold out. Classes are limited in size, and we expect the demand to be high, so make your reservations early!


Two Day Train the Trainer Program:


April 14-15, 2016 – Orlando, FL

Take your training skills to a more advanced level as you discover how the human brain really learns which is very different from traditional assumptions about learning. Explore the most current “cognitive neuroscience” about effective instruction – how the brain takes in, stores, retrieves and uses knowledge. Discover six powerful learning principles based on the best of brain science, then apply these principles every time you train, teach, or coach others.

This training is relevant to anyone who trains, teaches, or facilitates learning, whether in corporate, business, or educational settings. The training strategies you will learn can also be applied to computer-based instruction, as well as classroom learning environments. If you are an Agile coach or Scrum trainer, you will be especially pleased to discover how to combine Agile/Scrum concepts with collaborative learner-engagement.

Click here for full class details.


One Day Trainer Certification Class:


April 16, 2016 – Orlando, FL SOLD OUT
April 17, 2016 – Orlando, FL

This 1-day trainer certification course is designed to give you the professional training skills you need to present Sharon Bowman’s 2-day train-the-trainer program “Training from the BACK of the Room.” Along with individualized instruction, guided practice, instructor and peer coaching and feedback, you will receive a complete facilitator’s guide and slide set for the 2-day train-the-trainer workshop. Plus, you’ll receive a year of free coaching from Sharon to help polish your “Training from the BACK of the Room” presentation skills.

This exciting 1-day certification course is being offered for the second time in the United States and registration is limited to 20 participants. Upon the successful completion of this course, you will be licensed to deliver “Training from the BACK of the Room” to your own clients, customers, company, and country.

You will join an exceptional group of global trainers when you become a Certified Trainer for “Training from the BACK of the Room!”

Click here for full class details.

These classes are limited in size, and we expect the demand to be high, so make your reservations early!


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