The Advantages of Virtual Private Training

November 12, 2020
This year’s pandemic has changed many things for us all, but it has not cancelled Braintrust’s ability to provide your whole team with custom Virtual training.
Your organization isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither is our training. Whether your team is new to Agile/Scrum or preparing for Certifications, we can tailor a training plan to meet your specific needs. 
When you have Braintrust Virtual Private Training, you get:

Customized class content

When we conduct private training with your team, we use your real-life situations in class and help Identify, Discuss, and Solve real world challenges that your team is facing right now. Private training provides the perfect blend of tried and true Scrum fundamentals with practical application.

Team Building

In a time where most of us are working from home or at the very least working in hybrid models, maintaining team morale and culture is one of the most critical challenges that we face. By training your team together in a private, Virtual Class, you create a bonding experience where your team grows together and builds culture.

Universal Knowledge Equals Better Implementation

When everyone on your team learns the same material from the same source, it creates a common language and sets your team up for successful working agreements.

Save Travel Time

Due to COVID-19, Braintrust has been granted special permission to teach our certification classes through live, virtual delivery. For our private training clients, that means you can train your team from around the globe, all together in one virtual classroom without having to fly anyone across the country.

Save Money

Depending on how many people who need to train, our private training engagements can actually be cheaper than sending those same people to one of our public classes. You save money while getting all of the advantages of having a dedicated Braintrust trainer for your organization.

Free Guidance

Before you ever book a private training with us, one of our expert Agile Advisors will help you evaluate your goals and needs and then help you select the right training path to maximize your Agile Journey.

Specialized Offerings

In our private training catalog, we offer a wide variety of specialized topics that are not offered publicly. You get the training topics you need, on your schedule.

Discounts on Public Classes

After private training, our private clients get exclusive offers and discounts on all public classes for 12 months.


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