Reexamining Your Product Vision

May 10, 2022

If your Team is struggling in the Storming phase and there’s no clear answer as to why, reexamining the Product Vision is the core of where you start.

What is a Product Vision

A Product Vision is a short clear concise statement on what value you will deliver to your customer now and in the future.

An effective vision is critical during the turbulent times of today. Turbulent times require fast and effective action and this means people cannot spend time checking with an executive every time a critical decision needs to be made.

Effective vision provides the “north star” by which we can navigate in times of uncertainty. When the sea is crashing all around and the dark of night sets in, having a north star by which to steer the ship is a matter of life or death.

Characteristics of a good vision statement

Capture the intention of the Product

Tell the purpose or the motivation behind the Product

Be inspiring, motivating, emotionally compelling

Stretche you and make you smile with childlike wonder

Be directional – The vision should not be the strategy

Be clear and concise 


Strategies to Create a Product Vision

Telling – When the leader creates the vision and tells everyone about it and requires minimal time from everyone but also has limited buy in

Selling – The leader comes up with a vision and works to get everyone to buy into it without making any changes – needs a little more time for the selling and has little more buy in because it is being “sold”

Testing – The leader creates a vision and then asks people to weigh in on what they like and what they do not like about the vision

Consulting – The leader asks the team what vision they would recommend but the leader makes the final decision

Co-creating – This is where we create a vision for a future that each person wants individually and the group wants collectively


What is a Cover Story

Imagine you are writing something about your Product for the front page of a major magazine. What are the big headlines / quotes / images? What do you want to jump out immediately to readers? That’s your cover story. It’s a visual exercise where you draw out the most eye-catching aspects of your Product.


Other Product Vision Techniques

The ‘elevator pitch’

The imaginary press release

The perfect product review

The bus stop poster

A live experience, simulation, or exhibit

The Product Vision Board


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