Reasons for recognizing (and defining) corporate culture

May 12, 2010

Understanding your company culture and the impact it can have on your project is very important. Here are a few points to be aware of as you initiate your next project.

  • If you know what your company’s corporate culture is like it can help you when deciding which individuals are best suited for your project team.
  • Being involved and on top of the beat of corporate culture creates a respect among your team members, who feel you’re connected to what they do every day, and that sense of care and honest concern from you builds team morale.
  • If the culture of your company is something you stay aware of and a part of then if problems ever arise as a result of that culture, you as a connected individual will know the best way to smoothly and with little hassle, implement change and progress where needed.

These are just a few instances of where staying abreast and honest about the culture of your corporate world can be important, but I’m sure there are many others. What are some ways that you’ve dealt with corporate culture at your work?



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