The Flavor of Agile Project Management

We are all aware of the Project Management Institute’s five process groups; initiating planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Did you know that Agile Project Management has five process groups as well? According to Jim Highsmith it goes; envision, speculate, explore, adapt, and close. The first thing that you will notice about Highsmith’s list … Read More

2010 is the Year of the Project Manager

My friend Phyllis Neill (@wementorsmm) sent me an article the other day; the title was “Global Knowledge survey unveils 10 hottest IT jobs”. It turns out that Cary-based Global Knowledge conducted a survey late last year in order to determine the most in-demand IT job for 2010. To my surprise Project Management was ranked number … Read More

The Daily Scrum – A Commentary from the Project Manager’s Perspective

One of the most effective practices of the Scrum agile methodology is that of “the daily Scrum”. “The daily Scrum” is a fifteen minute, time-boxed, stand-up meeting typically held first thing in the morning. During the meeting the project manager (aka ScrumMaster) goes around the room and asks every team member three questions: “What did … Read More

Are you the “CEO” of your project?

All too often in our consulting work we come across the “Gantt Chart Nazi” style of project management. You know the type; they spend weeks creating a 500 line masterpiece of a Gantt chart in Microsoft Project and the rest of project making sure no one deviates from their plan. Unfortunately, these practitioners don’t realize … Read More

The Importance of Stakeholder Management

We at The Braintrust Consulting Group feel that too many project managers ignore the importance of proper stakeholder management. As many of you know one of the greatest sources of requirements gaps is missed stakeholders. While missing requirements can be detrimental to your project, many project managers often discount the influence a stakeholder can have … Read More

Agile Secrets Revealed – A Whitepaper

2009 was a challenging year; in response many companies have implemented Agile in order to achieve more efficient project delivery. To ensure that existing and new Agile teams are successful in 2010, The Braintrust Consulting Group believes it is important for us to reflect on the key reasons why Agile works. To learn 9 Reasons … Read More

Cross Functional, Self Directed Teams A How To

Fundamental to all styles of Agile Project Management is the concept of self managed teams. In a self managed team environment each team member is allowed to choose not only their functional role, but also what activities to do and when. Fundamentally what you are doing is pushing decision making down to the team member … Read More