What is Upskilling and Why You Should Do It

Upskilling has been a business buzzword for a few years now, and for good reason. The job market is highly competitive, and companies want employees who are eager to strengthen and grow their skillsets in order to provide the most value to their Team. What is Upskilling Upskilling is to acquire (or provide, if you’re … Read More

How to Level-Set Your Team

When we asked a group of customers recently, 90% said their Scrum Team needs a level-set. But what is level-setting and how can you get your Team on the same page? We introduced the concept of level-setting in this blog post, and now we’re going to dive into ideas on how to level-set your Team. … Read More

Where are You on Your Scrum Master Journey?

At Braintrust, one of our favorite questions is “Where are you on #YourAgileJourney?” We like to use the analogy of a car going down a highway to help with the visualization. Getting into the car These people may have just heard of the terms Agile and Scrum and are interested in learning more. Or maybe … Read More

What is a Level-Set and Why Your Team Needs It

You’ve probably heard the term level-set before in regards to business, but have you applied it to your Team? In this unique time when Organizations are making decisions on going back to the office or staying remote, it’s more important now than ever to level-set your Team. What is a Level-Set? As a business term, … Read More

Why You Should Treat Your Team to Private Training

As things begin to return to the “New Normal,” one of the things many of our clients are doing is investing in Private Training for their Teams— role-specific training (CSM, CSPO), areas of specific challenge (User Story Writing), or an Organization-wide push to BE Agile. Given that engaged employees help Organizations succeed, reduce team turnover, … Read More

Why Return to In-Person Classes

We have some exciting news—Braintrust is going back into the classroom!  Our live, virtual training has gone better than we ever could have imagined when we made the pivot in March 2020. Our students loved virtual classes, our Trainers enjoyed spending more time at home, and it has been a major success. But we’ve missed … Read More