On the Path to CST—Getting to Know Ben Floyd


Tell us a little bit about yourself! I live in Utah, north of Salt Lake City. I have eight children and six grandchildren. I enjoy reading, but I prefer reading to the grandkids! I also love to travel with my wife (before the pandemic, of course). How did you learn about Scrum? I got a … Read More

Voices of Agile—My Name is Anu

When Braintrust launched our first Voices of Agile Open Forum in July, we wanted to generate conversation with people of color in our industry regarding issues of representation and other pertinent topics related to bringing Agile into underrepresented communities. In addition to holding the forums, we are launching a series of blog posts featuring people … Read More

When College Students Get CSM Certified

What do gerbils, eagles, laser cats, flying ravens, and four girls one guy have in common? They were the team names for our awesome group of college students in our first free Certified Scrum Master (CSM)—College Edition class this past weekend.  A group of Braintrust trainers and facilitators came together to customize the hands-on exercises … Read More

“Better Norms” for your Company Post-Pandemic

As we are adjusting to this WFH life and shift in culture, we have been encouraging students in our classes to take a few moments to come up with a list of “better norms” coming out of this pandemic. What positive changes do you want to see for yourself, your team, and your company? Most … Read More

Company Culture During Covid-19

A quick Google search brings up literally hundreds of articles related to “company culture during Covid-19”. With titles like “Covid-19 Creates A Moment of Truth for Corporate Culture,” this topic is being talked about by everyone from Forbes.com and Inc.com down to individual community business journals. So, why, amidst all of the challenges that we … Read More

Why it’s Important to Take Virtual Advanced Classes During the Pandemic


Now that the world has shifted to a mostly-remote environment, we’re finding more students interested in the deep dive that our advanced classes provide. And while the first half of 2020 was full of uncertainty, now’s a great time to get back on track to further your Agile journey and consider an advanced class.  Learn … Read More

Introducing the New Certified Agile Leadership I

Over the last four years, the Scrum Alliance has gathered feedback from students and inspected and adapted their Certified Agile Leadership (CAL I) program. What was originally a two-day program is now broken out into three one-day classes: Certified Agile Leadership Essentials, Certified Agile Leadership for Teams, and Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations. Certified Agile … Read More