Why Become A Certified Scrum Product Owner

There are many advantages of becoming a Certified Scrum Product Owner, but before answering such an important question, let us look at what Scrum is, what the role of a Product Owner is and, finally, what the benefits are of becoming Certified in this job title. If you are a project manager interested in becoming … Read More

The Natural Extension of Agile Beyond IT

Delivering Continuous Value with Business Agility:  Every company is a digital company, or it’s on its way to becoming one. You’ll find technology everywhere! Sometimes it helps companies achieve strategic goals, and in other cases, it delivers value outright. Stop to think for a moment: Business operations like logistics and fulfillment run on IT backbone … Read More

Myths of Scrum

The Team must be Co-Located I must admit I was one of the people who suggested we needed our team to be co-located. I have very much been proved wrong over the past 12 months, as teams continually learn new ways to innovate and collaborate virtually. This collaboration is made so much easier with a … Read More

How to Hold Your Employees Accountable

How to Hold Your employees accountable  Walk the Talk – When a leader can stand before their employees and say “I made a mistake – and this is what we’re going to do to fix it” it sets a positive example of accountable behavior that employees won’t be afraid to emulate.  Define Results and Expectations  – Don’t wait for … Read More

How to Empower Your Employees

Empowering your Team is a lot harder than just saying, “The Team is empowered to make their own decisions.” You have to make sure they’re really empowered, instead of you just saying so without having given them the power to actually make decisions and then acting on their feedback. Are you giving them opportunities to … Read More

How to Improve Employee Engagement

One of the things I hear over and over again in our classes is, “My team doesn’t finish the work they commit to in the sprint.”My response is generally something along the lines of, “How are they currently holding themselves accountable to do that…” “Mmmm” is generally what follows. In this three-part series, we’ll explore … Read More