Meet the Braintrust Agile Advisors

January 13, 2021

Since we can’t be having public gatherings any time soon, we will be highlighting the Braintrust team throughout the coming months. While it’s not the same, it can help us all stay connected virtually and ensure you don’t forget what we look like!

First up is our team of Agile Advisors, who help guide you along #YourAgileJourney.


Kristyn Bara

As an Agile Advisor for the Braintrust Consulting Group, Kristyn’s number one responsibility is building solutions that meet client’s business challenges. She is happiest when she is working side-by-side with a client to accomplish a common goal. Kristyn recognizes that there is not one solution that matches every situation, so she focuses on creating adaptable strategies for each client. That same adaptability and constant improvement is her favorite aspect of the Agile methodology.

Kristyn has always found joy in working with people. Whether running concessions at rock concerts, planning community events during the Atlanta Olympics, serving on mission trips or managing her own travel business, Kristyn quickly learned that it is often the simple, kind things that make the biggest impact. It is not always about what you do for people, but how you make them feel.

Kristyn holds a BA in English from Rhodes College. Prior to joining the Braintrust team, she managed the product sales fundraisers for a local non-profit where she increased sales, community partnerships and product visibility. Kristyn enjoys the networking and relationship building aspects of sales and has used that passion to help shape the sales culture of Braintrust.

Scott Dunbar

As an Agile Advisor for The Braintrust Consulting Group Scott’s primary role with Braintrust is helping to guide clients on their Agile journeys. Prior to joining Braintrust, he was a small business owner and served in various sales and management positions in the corporate world. Scott has a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Auburn University and a master’s degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He has been married for 26 years and has two young adult children and a recently acquired son-in-law. He enjoy traveling, hiking, sports, music, and craft beer/breweries.


Allyson Bowers

For more than a decade, Allyson has worked with teams and individuals to help find meaningful solutions for organizations to help lead Agile initiatives, as well as helping individuals to pursue career growth. Her focus is on building connection with customers by taking the time to meet with clients, asking questions and listening. This approach allows her to understand goals and challenges teams face, and helps inform the right path forward. Working with individuals, teams and organizations, her primary goal is to be flexible and adaptable when helping to find the right solutions. Based in downtown Portland, OR, she works with Braintrust’s West-of-the-Rockies clients. When not working, you can find her skiing on Mt. Hood!


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