Making the Transition from Project Manager to ScrumMaster – A Mom’s Story

May 1, 2015

Today started at the California Memorial Stadium, University of California Berkeley with a welcome address for the incoming class of 2019. As a Mom, I sat there with tears in my eyes beside my teenager who was glowing from ear to ear as the band played and everyone chanted “Go Bears!” She looked at me and said, “These are my people!”

As I sit outside lecture halls while she listens to sessions on life at Berkeley, it allows me to reflect on my changing role as a Mom over the past 17 years. Early on, my time was very much that of a Project Manager, arranging schedules and who needs to do what and when. The last year, however, has seen my role transition to that of ScrumMaster, I’m here to clear roadblocks and facilitate her college decision, I am no longer there to drive the decision!

Nothing highlighted this role transition more than visiting her top 2 school choices this week and last. Wearing my ScrumMaster hat, I had asked what would help her make the decision, she decided she needed to visit both Cornell and Berkeley.

So I booked various flights, hotels and rental cars and we set off to visit Cornell University in Ithaca. It was there that I suddenly realized our roles had changed and that I was here to be chauffeur and facilitator. All the decisions on sessions to attend, where to visit were all being driven by my daughter. I was a sounding board for her working through her pros and cons but I didn’t influence her one way or another, that’s not my role anymore. I’m here to facilitate her making the best decision for herself.

She’s worked through her decision and we find ourselves at Berkeley this weekend where she has decided to spend her next 4 years.

Go Bears!  😀

  Kate Megaw – CST, PMP

 Live Agile!!



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