Level-Set Your Team by Attending a Virtual Agile Open Together

March 16, 2022
In the pre-pandemic times, conferences were a great resource for an entire Team to attend and listen to the same speakers to learn the same content. They were the ultimate level-set, not to mention a great Team-building activity.
But now after two years of people not gathering in large groups, we can take an objective view on conferences. They were expensive, they took time away from the office, and not every topic presented was relevant. Plus, not everyone on the Team could attend.
That’s why we love a Virtual Agile Open. They solve all the problems listed above, and they offer great value to your Team for very little cost! 

You and your Team get to create your very own conference filled with fascinating sessions focused on the topics that most interest you. It’s a safe place to engage in a deep discussion with experts on a topic that you are just starting to learn, or to dive into problems your Organization is struggling to solve.

Using the Open Space Technology (OST) approach, Agile Opens encourage Agile practitioners to self-organize around topics that are most important to them.

There is no preset agenda for the event! Rather, everyone shows up and sessions are created “live” by the participants at the start of the day based on what’s important to you and what you want to share. You are also welcome to create a session based on something you’re struggling with, allowing other participants to share their similar experiences.

BENEFITS FOR ATTENDING a virtual agile open

The entire Team can attend together and visit different rooms and discussions

The Virtual Agile Open is only four hours, so it doesn’t eat up the entire work day

It’s inexpensive and doesn’t eat up your whole training budget

There’s no need for travel

Expand your and your Team’s Agile knowledge

Share your passion of Agile with others

Get solutions for current struggles within your Organization

Meet others in the Agile community

Choose your own learning path for the day

You earn SEUs or PDUs


Braintrust Group

Braintrust Group is a worldwide leader in Agile transformations. Through practical, hands-on training and enterprise and team coaching, we help our clients learn, plan, and implement Agile processes, such as Scrum and Kanban. Our goal is to teach our clients how to increase the predictability of delivery, decrease time-to-market, and improve overall client satisfaction.

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