Learning To Lead

April 20, 2010

So I’m in China today.

If you are in China, or interested in going here are the details about attending. If you can’t just hop on a plane to China, that’s cool. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Prior to implementing Scrum, many of us are classically trained Project Managers. We are taught to master the tools and techniques of the profession.  Unfortunately, many of us are not taught key leadership skills and we struggle to fulfill the purpose of the ScrumMaster role. When we manage, rather than lead, our teams can feel controlled and their productivity can suffer. We need to learn the core behaviors of a leader, so that we can help foster the kind of environment where hyper-productive Scrum teams can flourish. In this session we will examine the fundamentals of Agile Leadership as they apply to the ScrumMaster role.

Most people do not start their careers as ScrumMasters, they assume the role when their company makes the transition to Scrum. In addition many of the individuals serving in the ScrumMaster role have never had any formal leadership training. This session will serve as a leadership primer. It will explain, in a clear and precise way, fundamental leadership concepts. It will also serve as a springboard for additional learning, highlighting the importance of a deep understanding of the field of leadership.



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