Labor Day Long Weekend Resources

September 4, 2020

There’s no doubt Labor Day will look different this year. All of the usual three-day weekend festivities are likely cancelled, leaving us with a stretch of free time.

If you’re like me, you view the upcoming long weekend as an opportunity to catch up on some work, as well as spend some uninterrupted time browsing resources that can help your career.

Below are some resources for you to use to log some SEUs/PDUs. And speaking of helping your career, don’t miss out on our Labor Day Sale for Advanced Classes!

WHAT THE HECK IS BUSINESS AGILITY?—We’ll examine the definition of Business Agility and go over the 10 principles of Business Agility you can bring back to your organization to help them go, “Oh, I get it!” Watch it here!

INSPECTING AND ADAPTING: THE FIRST 120 DAYS—Come join us and learn 15 useful, practical tips for hosting an online meeting. Come hear the lessongs we have learned at Braintrust from being online during our first 90 days hosting an online meeting. Watch it here!

VIRTUAL AGILE TEAM KICKOFF OR RESET—You will learn 6 things you need to do to kick off a new Agile team or reset an existing Scrum Team virtually. Learn why these 6 things will help you build a successful Agile team. Watch it here!

FROM CHAOS TO CALM: TAMING YOUR TO-DO LIST—Join Braintrust President Kate Megaw as she explores some of the personal organization tools you can use to help you move from reactive mode to proactive mode. Come armed with Post-Its and a pen! Watch it here!



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