Kanban, Meet IT.

February 22, 2011

See the ball. Be the ball.

Visualization has long been a known key to success in teamwork. Now, with Kanban, agile project management welcomes its newest, and most visually based method for success. Formed from Japanese principles centered around card signals, Kanban has been adapted for PM to reduce the In Process work, while increasing visibility of the project flow. This new method has great uses in manufacturing, but has recently been employed by Agile PMs to optimize software and IT management.

Eli Weinstock-Herman writes a great 3-part article that walks even the newest of PMs through the Kanban system. Starting with an overview all the way through to idea-generating activities to jump start your next project.

Get Started Here:

Kanban in IT Part 1

Kanban in IT Part 2

Kanban in IT Part 3

Kanban in IT Part 4

Thanks to Peter Backx for this tip.



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