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How to Earn SEUs from Scrum Alliance

April 6, 2021

You took a class, you got your certification, and now you’re applying what you learned. But have you remembered to log your SEUs and keep your certification up to date?

As the Scrum Alliance says, 

Put simply, the time you spend practicing and studying Scrum gives you a competitive edge, and so does leveraging those learnings to renew your Scrum Alliance certification. Each hour of your continuing education — the time you spend reading articles, volunteering, attending events, and taking courses — equals one “Scrum Education Unit,” or SEU. We ask that you add a certification-specific number of SEUs before you may renew your certification every two years. This maintains the credibility of your Scrum Alliance certification.

If we had a SEU for every time a student reached out asking how to earn and log SEUs, we’d never have to worry about renewing our certifications! Here’s a handy list on how to earn SEUs.

How to Earn SEUs


Earn SEUs for participating in events like Agile Opens, Scrum Alliance Global Gatherings, and Non-Scrum Alliance-sponsored events. Presenting, coaching, and attending sessions all count as SEU-eligible activities.


Allowable SEUs in this category include working with Scrum Alliance CSTs, CECs, CTCs, and REPs as well as through various independent learning activities, such as: preparing presentations; authoring relevant books, articles, or blogs; watching a training video/webinar; reading one or two books in depth. 

And Braintrust webinars count toward learning SEUs! If you’ve attended a webinar of ours, go ahead and log it. If you want to catch up on webinars, you can find them all here


Have you used a Kanban board with a non-profit? Did you show high school students how to write User Stories? The Scrum Alliance encourages you to give back to the community! SEUs may be earned by providing non-compensated professional Scrum services. 


SEUs may be earned through a variety of other learning activities as Scrum Alliance acknowledges that not all learning fits neatly into the categories above. 

Unsure where to even begin figuring out how many SEUs you need for your certification? Check out this handy Scrum Alliance SEU calculator


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