Ever Wonder What Its Like To Be An Agile Coach?

July 9, 2014

Many of you may have misconceptions about what life as an Agile coach is like. You probably think that all Agile coaches; fly first class, stay in the finest hotels, and have tons of screaming fans to sign autographs for. The reality of the job is quite different. Agile coaches are road warriors, often traveling for weeks on end without their families.

One of our Agile coaches, Erick Fleming, recently was on the road coaching and training our clients. During his trip he faced some adversity that needed to be overcome. Thankfully he was able to get remote assistance from the dedicated support staff at Braintrust.

Erick took a minute to write a poem to talk about his adversity and to thank the support staff for their help. Check it out:

“A Prima donnabraintrust-fleming-family-photo
Begins his travel
Going from east to west
While trying not to unravel

 Along the way
He relies on support
From Jeff to Alyssa
And people in airports 

There was Jeff in salt lake
Who cooked and shared the world cup
To Kate from somewhere
Who fixed his Expensify f@%kup

And then there was Alyssa
Who was at his beckoned call
When he panicked and stressed
About the dropped supplies ball 

I’m sure there were others
But time does not permit
So, to end his tale
I leave you with a small tidbit 

When life gets overwhelmed
And it seems your sure to bust
There’s someone with a Brain
That is worth your valuable trust”

– Erick Fleming



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