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Do We Really Need A Scrum Master?

March 10, 2021

Do we really need a Scrum Master—can someone not just do the role part-time? Have you ever heard that before?

The Scrum Master role is so much more than simply clearing roadblocks for the Team! Michael James wrote the original Scrum Master checklist in 2007, and it’s made an incredible difference in the Scrum community.

Here’s Braintrust’s Scrum Master Action Plan to help you maximize the value of using Scrum organization-wide. It’s full of information pulled together from the Braintrust Team, the original Michael James checklist, and the 2020 Scrum Guide.

If we look at the 2020 Scrum Guide it says among other things:

  • “The Scrum Master is accountable for establishing Scrum as defined in the Scrum Guide” they help the team and the entire organization with the theory and practices of Scrum.
  • “The Scrum Master is accountable for the Scrum Team’s effectiveness”—they help the team improve how they apply Scrum.

A Scrum Master is referred to as a “true leader” who serves the team, the Product Owner, and the entire organization—it’s beginning to sound like more than a part time role, or something someone else can do in addition to their regular work!

According to Scrum Guide 2020, among other things the Scrum Master:

  • Coaches the Team, supporting them in their self-management and cross-functionality
  • Helps the Team focus on delivering increments that meet the Definition of Done
  • Removes impediments to the Scrum Team’s progress
  • Make sure that the timeboxed Scrum events take place and are productive

did you know the scrum master also is in service to the product owner?

  • Supports the Product Owner with defining the Product Goal and creating good Backlog management practices
  • Works to support the Product Owner as they establish empirical product planning

and also the organization?

  • Wears multiple hats of Facilitator, Trainer, Coach & Mentor for the entire Organization in its Scrum adoption
  • Helping employees and Stakeholders understand how to work effectively in a complex environment

You could argue that a good Scrum Master could be Scrum Master for multiple teams, however we aren’t just looking for a “good” Scrum Master. We are looking for an “awesome” Scrum Master who helps the Scrum Team deliver high value increments in the timeboxed Sprint, delighting the stakeholders, customers and organization.

Join us on our webinar later this month and explore a Scrum Master Action Plan to see the full remit of the Scrum Master role and its critical importance to The Team, The Product Owner, and the Organization!

We’ll be looking at the aspects where the Scrum Master is in service to the Product Owner, Developers, and Organization.


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