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Convince Leadership to Invest in #YourAgileJourney

January 12, 2022

Depending on your Organization and its psychological safety, approaching Leadership to suggest a shift in becoming Agile or evaluating your Organization’s Agility can feel daunting. That’s when providing outside studies and articles can help plead your case. 

Here is a letter template we created for you to fill out and send to Leadership (or whoever controls the training budget) to help advance #YourAgileJourney.

Agile Training Justification Letter



I would like our Organization to invest in my professional development by sending me to [BRAINTRUST CLASS NAME] hosted by The Braintrust Consulting Group on [DATES, YEAR]. Braintrust is a worldwide leader in Agile transformations, helping clients increase predictability of delivery, decrease time to market, and improve overall satisfaction. 

The investment in attending [BRAINTRUST CLASS NAME] would deliver an immediate return and be of tremendous value for myself, my Team, and our Organization. I’ll interact with leaders in the field, learn from their challenges and successes, and create valuable connections. In addition, it presents a great opportunity for me to enhance my technical skills and expand my expertise in [AREA OF EXPERTISE], as well as learn new ideas for driving and embracing change within the company. 

I’m most interested in the following class objectives, which will be explored in depth: [OUTLINE YOUR TOP 3 “LEARNING OBJECTIVES” AS LISTED ON THE CLASS WEBSITE] 


Here is an approximate breakdown of costs associated with my [CERTIFICATION CREDENTIAL/CONTINUING EDUCATION CLASS]. Now is a particularly good time to attend a training, since they are still held virtually over Zoom.

Registration Fee: $ _____________ 

I am excited at the prospect of networking with peers, building relationships with prospective partners, and obtaining actionable advice from Agile experts. I will be sure to submit a post-class report that will include major takeaways and a set of specific recommendations to maximize the return on investment. I would also be happy to share relevant information with key personnel throughout the company. 

Thank you for your consideration,



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