Client Interview: Meet Jennifer Corfman

September 8, 2010

What was your experience with the PMP course? What did you learn? How did it prepare you? Did you like it? Why/Why not?
I had previously taken another PMP prep course and decided to take another one relatively close to my exam date.  Brian’s course was light years ahead of the prevous course! The content and information focused the content expected on the actual exam.  The course was very hands on and interactive.  I was impressed at Brian’s motivational skills and he really gave you a sense that he was invested in you passing the exam.  My sense of ability to pass the exam shot up after taking Brian’s course.
How difficult did was the exam when you took it? Do you think your experience taking the test would have been different without the PMP course ahead of time?
By the time I got to the exam, it was really what I expected.  Brian’s use of Rita’s study materials totally prepared me for the exam. Without the Prep Course I don’t feel like I would’ve understood the “PMI” approach to answering the questions.   The study materials helped me to under HOW to read and translate the questions on the exam. I don’t think I would’ve been as comfortable sitting for the exam as I was without taking the Prep Course.
How do you feel the PMP course prepared you for the PMP exam?
I feel Brian’s prep course definitely prepared me for the exam.  I took the exam 5 weeks after Brian’s course and there was nothing on the exam that I did not recognize.
Tell us about some about your business /career. Why did you want to pursue PMP certification? Why did you feel this certification was needed?
I am currently an IT Manager and have had the opportunities to lead multiple projects, obtaining the PMP certification gives me the knowledge needed to effectively manage larger projects.  I felt the PMP certification will open doors to new opportunities as well.
What are your goals are with certification?
I am looking to progress my career on a Project Manager path…having this certifcation was essential to opening doors to new opportunities.
Lastly, please share any advice that you might have for others considering the PMP course/exam.
Definitely take Brian’s prep course! Utilize Rita’s study materials and last but not least (quote from Brian) “respect the test, but don’t FEAR the test! With dedication and preparation you will succeed!”



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