Celebrating 10 Years of the Agile Manifesto

February 16, 2011

This weekend (Feb. 12, 2011 to be exact) marks the ten year anniversary of the Agile Manifesto. The signing of the manifesto marked the coining of the term Agile and the legitimization of the Agile methods —a huge moment for Project Management and worthy of a day to take recognition.

To celebrate, the website “The Agile Manifesto” put up a website for the 10 year anniversary. Click Here to view their celebration site.  In addition to that great resource, there are a number of key articles out there about it. Not sure what the manifesto is? Maybe you want to learn what the manifesto is all about, or maybe you just want a reason to party. Well, for all those reasons and more, here are some good places to start reading:

Agile Manifesto 10 Year Reunion

Reflections on the 10 years since the Agile manifesto

Also there is a Twitter hash tag #10yrsagile that will provide an interesting commentary on what happened.

Take a minute, or 10 —one for each year—and learn about this moment in history.



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