Braintrust’s Most-Downloaded Resource of 2021

October 28, 2021
We thought we’d end things on a high note and present our most downloaded resources of 2021—the Scrum Master Action Plan and the Product Owner Action Plan!
This past summer, we did a two-month deep dive into Scrum Masters and Product Owners. We started with the question, “Do we even need a Scrum Master or Product Owner?” Then we dove into myths, core elements of the roles, and whether you should build, buy, or borrow a Scrum Master or Product Owner. 
Now as you and your Team look forward to wrapping up 2021, it’s a good time to plan Retrospectives using the Scrum Master Action Plan and Product Owner Action Plan as guides. You can answer how you’re doing with your Team, your Stakeholders, and in general, then implement necessary pivots before the new year.
You can also schedule a Lunch & Learn where your Team sits together and watches the Do We Even Need a Scrum Master or Do We Even Need a Product Owner webinars, then inspects and adapts the roles within your own Organization. 

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