Braintrust Launches The Center for Agile Leadership!

September 30, 2015

From the Desk of Brian Rabon:

My name is Brian Rabon and you may know me as the President of Braintrust Consulting Group. I’ve had the pleasure to meet and train many of you in our certified Scrum classes over the last eight years and now I have something brand new that I am excited to share with you.

This month, Braintrust is launching our all new, Center for Agile LeadershipTM.

The Center for Agile LeadershipTM is based on a new way of thinking. It’s leadership for the next generation of business. Using the principles of Agile, we will teach individuals how to successfully inspire others and become agents for change within their organization and within their own lives.

Using how we actually run Braintrust rather than theories of leadership, The Center for Agile LeadershipTM will make you a more effective leader in today’s new business environment. We will teach you how to find your passion. We will teach you how to take control of your to-do list. We will teach you how to successfully inspire others and become an agent for change within your organization and your life. When you apply the teachings of the Center for Agile Leadership™, you will be able to build teams that will walk through fire for you.

Our first official training opportunity will be our Certified Agile LeaderTM program.

Through the Certified Agile LeaderTM program, you will gain an understanding of Agile Leadership, including values, principles, tools, and techniques.

  • Become an architect of cultures and organizations that are truly agile.
  • Gain the skills necessary to create productive teams that excel because they have a strong sense of purpose and accomplishment.
  • Add more tools to your toolbox for dealing with change and making decisions.
  • Gain a better understanding for the changing business world and future proof your career.
  • Demonstrate to your organization and your team your dedication to the study of Agile Leadership and your strong desire to be an effective leader.
  • Engage with a company that was founded on Agile Leadership practices and utilizes them on a daily basis.


There is a leader trapped inside all of us. At The Center for Agile Leadership™ we consider ourselves sculptors, much like Michelangelo we chisel and polish away your rough bits, until all that is left is the beautiful leader who was trapped inside.


Brian M. Rabon, CST, PMP


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