Do you find it can be a struggle waking up every day with energy and passion for what is to come? Do you yearn for work projects that consistently succeed and leave everyone feeling great? Agile is founded upon a set of 4 values and 12 principles that, when applied to how you lead, can help you accomplish amazing things. Find your passion, take control of your to-do list, and succeed with products/projects at work.

At Braintrust, we believe that Agile Leadership is leadership for the next generation of business. This is the missing piece that Organizations have been looking for. Agile Leadership is where corporate cultures will evolve. Agile Leadership is the key to top-down implementation and complete buy-in. Using the principles of Agile, we teach Leaders how to successfully inspire others and become agents for change within their Organization and within their own lives.

Agile Leaders focus on the needs of others. They acknowledge other people’s perspectives, give them the care they need to meet their work and personal goals, involve them in decisions where appropriate, and build a sense of community within their Teams. This leads to higher engagement, more trust, and stronger relationships with Team Members and other Stakeholders. Leading with vision and empowering your Teams to be self-organizing and self-managing gives you the freedom to escape from the “doing” and more able to focus on the “strategic.”

“I learned that different businesses and different management styles can still have the same issues and how we can fix them.”

It breaks down long-ingrained development traditions & shows you how to replace them with a self-directed team approach.

“Some of the different approaches to coaching, mentoring, and leadership in general. Where to be more involved and where to empower the team to self-solution.”

A fun and engaging course that drives home the principles and realities of managing Scrum teams. Hands-on, interactive, thought-provoking, and insightful.

This course was phenomenal! Best course I have ever attended. There was never a dull moment because there was constant sensory stimulation. Learning is best accomplished in a fun way, and this course was definitely fun!

After training over 25,000 professionals in Agile, Braintrust Group realized that the same core principles that get work done can also be applied to Leadership and people management in all industries.

Pioneers in Agile Leadership, we are now the only leadership experts in the world that are focused on teaching leaders how to take the proven principles of Agile and apply them to leading people.

By learning to apply the values and principles of Agile to the way that you lead, you can build Teams that will walk through fire for you.

Ready to get started?

Traditional leadership practices are outdated and ineffective in today’s workplace

Are You Wasting Your Time on Your Lowest Performers?


Traditional management says that these are the people who need the most supervision, so they require the most of your time. Agile Leaders know that if you spend your time with your highest performers, you will get more done, you’ll improve your own job satisfaction, you’ll turn your highest performers into all-stars, and your lowest performers will either rise to the challenge or leave.

Is your Organizational Chart Upside Down?


Traditional management encourages the notion of a “chain of command” where “decision-makers” control the behaviors of the “low-level” people underneath. That way of thinking tends to create failure because it misses the entire point of business, which is satisfying customer needs. Agile Leaders know that to achieve their business goals, customers need the employees in your firm–salespeople, engineers, manufacturing folk–to provide them with products or services. The purpose of management (top and middle) is to help employees take care of the customer.

Are Your Processes Bogging You Down?


Traditional management loves processes. They create repeatable, documented processes for absolutely everything. But, that removes any chance of a Team Member coming up with a better way to do something. And the larger an Organization gets, the more processes they have in place- which leads to layers and layers of standardized forms and unneeded bureaucracies. Agile Leaders know that there are always better ways to do things and that every Team Member has the capability to improve how we do things. We don’t constrain with processes, we empower.

Are You Still Doing Worthless Performance Reviews?


Traditional management conducts annual performance reviews for each employee. There are really only two outcomes from this method of evaluating employees- you give them a good review at which point they expect a raise because it’s been a year since you last rewarded them, or you give them a poor review at which point it is probably too late for them to correct the issues. Agile Leaders know a continuous feedback loop gives instant feedback for good and bad performance. Good work is rewarded in the moment so that it could be repeated, and bad work is caught early enough to be corrected.

Do Your Job Descriptions Limit Everyone?


Traditional management wants to have a very, very specific job description for each Team Member. They should know exactly what they are responsible for. Agile Leaders know job descriptions are one of the most limiting things you can do to a Team Member. By having a specific job description, you are literally limiting your expectations for that team member. You are setting them up to refuse work that is outside the description and possibly hiding their greatest talents.

Is Your Vision and Mission Statement Authentic?


Traditional businesses all have a vision and/or a mission statement. The biggest problem with a mission statement is that if you have to tell people what your mission is, chances are you aren’t doing it very well. Agile Leaders know that if you actually believe your mission and live it on a daily basis, it becomes much more authentic and meaningful than any placard on a wall. Live your reputation and it becomes reality to your customers and your Team Members.

Are You Holding Your Employees Hostage?


Traditional management believes in time-based employment. Employees work from 9-5 and in exchange receive a paycheck. But what happens when someone does their best work from 2-7pm? Agile Leaders know the best way to increase productivity is to switch the focus from time to results (outcomes over outputs). Instead of telling your employees they can’t stop working until a set time, give them the goals and tell them to manage their time accordingly. You get more done, you utilize people’s preferred time and method of working, and you increase Team Member happiness.

Are You Missing Great Hires by Focusing on Weaknesses?


Traditional management has this idea that they only hire the best. In order to be the best, potential new-hires have to be perfect in every way – perfect outfit, perfect resume, perfect experience, and perfect answers. Agile Leaders focus on a person’s strengths and how they could be useful in your Organization. Don’t miss an opportunity to add a great person to your team because you spot a weakness. Instead, focus on strengths and how to best utilize that Team Member in your Organization.

Do Your Metrics Suck?


Traditional management loves data. They put metrics in place to track their metrics tracking. They spend countless hours collecting, reporting, and analyzing the numbers in overinflated systems. They spend more time with reports and dashboards than they do with their employees and customers. Agile Leaders focus on what really matters- delivering value. Our greatest measure of success is the happiness of our customers and the productivity of our team members. 

Core Values of Agile Leadership

Be People-centric

Agile Leaders serve their Teams

Inspect and Adapt

Agile Leaders embrace change

Embrace Experimentation

Agile Leaders create safe environments where new ideas thrive

Exhibit Transparency

Agile Leaders build trust by demonstrating honesty and encouraging open communication

Create a Shared Vision

Agile Leaders form and communicate a clear vision that inspires

Provide Feedback

Agile Leaders praise and correct in the moment

Measure What Matters

Agile Leaders focus on results and outcomes

Improve Morale

Agile Leaders successfully improve motivation, morale, and retention

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