Agile—The Smarter Way to Work

Based on 12 founding values and principles, Agile is a philosophy that emphasizes close team collaboration; fast, iterative delivery; and smarter ways to deliver transparent business value to Stakeholders. After 30 years of proven success in IT, organizations now realize that Agile is not just for software. Agile is a better way to run your entire business.

Agile Organizations…

Work More Efficiently

Deliver Higher Value

Follow a Shared Vision

Achieve Greater Happiness

Collaborate More

Inspect and Adapt Frequently

Pivot Rapidly

Engage Stakeholders

The Future of Business is Agile

In the post-pandemic world, the most adaptable, flexible Organizations are going to thrive. Agile gives you and your Teams the freedom to be more efficient, more effective, and more fulfilled.

Get Work Done

Free your Team to do more. Agile Organizations are faster, more resilient, and more adaptable to change. Agile gives Teams the freedom to focus on what matters—producing great products and delivering Stakeholder value. Agile can help your Organization feel free and get work done faster.

Better Way to Lead

Agile Leaders lead with vision and empower their Teams to be self-organizing and self-managing, which then allows them freedom to escape from the “doing” and more able to focus on the “strategic.” Agile Leaders become agents for change.

Build Culture

Developing an authentic, value-driven, culture is the difference between doing Agile and BEING Agile. Through increased accountability and increased self-management, Agile Teams find happiness, and Organizaitons experience less turnover and higher retention.

Ready to learn how Agile can free your business? 

Check out Agile 101, where we break down the basic philosophies of Agile and explain how they apply to modern business.

Our Clients

Across the US and across the world, Braintrust has helped hundreds of Organizations of all sizes realize the power of Agile. We don’t just teach the philosophy of Agile—we teach Organizations how to apply Agile in order to thrive—no matter what size or industry.

“Hats off to the Braintrust Team for making this virtual class feel so real and engaging. I felt like I was in the classroom! ”

“I learned a lot about differentiating between mentoring and coaching, and when to use each one.”

“There are so many areas that I’ve gained insight into, but I think the main ones that really resonated with me were: impact mapping, journey mapping, self-analysis of a PO, “buying” a feature, hypothesis, cognitive bias, and the product vision board.”

It breaks down long-ingrained development traditions & shows you how to replace them with a self-directed team approach.

“I found new tips and techniques I want to bring back to my Scrum Teams AND Leadership teams.”

“This course is outstanding! The instructor introduces and reinforces vital concepts of Scrum and the Product Owner role through an excellent mix of instruction and participation.”

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Braintrust is the only Agile and Scrum specialist in the world that is focused on teaching Leaders and business owners how to take the proven principles of Agile and apply them to their entire business—just as we’ve done in our own business.

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