Mission and Vision

Every great company has a powerful vision mission. Braintrust Group is no exception. We have spent many countless hours pondering the question of what we are about. If you think about it, it really isn’t a very easy question to answer. We know that we love Agile, we know that we love Scrum, but is that enough? Ultimately is that our vision mission? We strongly believe that we exist to “help people grow.” Our vision and mission reflect this passion. We hope that our paths will cross soon and that we can help you grow in your Agile journey.


If you are looking for a boring, classroom lecture where you can take a nap and earn SEUs, then you are in the wrong place. If you think that having dance parties and playing charades sounds fun, then you are in the right place!

No matter which one of our classes you attend, you will be entertained, challenged, and engaged. We guarantee you will leave with a new set of skills ready to be applied immediately, and will have fun learning!

Passion Fuels Everything

Passion Fuels Everything

Have Fun

Have Fun

Be Professional At All Times

Be Professional At All Times

Dedicated to Everything That We Do

Dedicated to Everything That We Do

Pay Attention To The Small Details

Pay Attention To The Small Details

Continue To Grow

Continue To Grow

Our Story

We founded Braintrust for a single purpose, “to help people grow.” In 2008, Braintrust Group was one of the first trainers and educators in the world to realize the power of Agile. Based on that vision, we quickly grew into one of the leading Agile and Scrum training providers in the world.

For the last 16 years, over 25,000 people have allowed us to educate them on Agile values and principles, to certify them in processes like Scrum. They have let us into their offices, at hundreds of corporations to show them how to operate smoother, communicate better, and most importantly, have more joy at work.

And now, Braintrust is powered by ClearlyAgile! Combining Braintrust’s training and coaching expertise with ClearlyAgile’s Agile transformation services is a win-win-win for ClearlyAgile, Braintrust, and most importantly our collective clients who now get the combined best of both worlds.

ClearlyAgile has been partnering with Braintrust for many years, and the move to bring Braintrust’s training expertise into the ClearlyAgile portfolio is a perfect fit as we continue to expand our client offerings and establish ClearlyAgile as the leader in complete Agile training, coaching, consulting, and delivery. 

Founded in 2014, ClearlyAgile is an Agile consulting company specializing in Business Agility Transformations, Agile Adoption, Product Development, Agile DevOps, and Agile Software Development. The acquisition of Braintrust will allow ClearlyAgile to provide additional Certified Scrum and Agile training classes and services to their clients who are undergoing Agile transformations. Learn more about ClearlyAgile.


Often referred to as the world’s finest platform for becoming an ambassador of Scrum, there are less than ~150 CSTs in the world and only about half of those reside in the United States. With our CST status, Braintrust Group is able to offer Certified Scrum Master® (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) training classes. CSM and CSPO certifications are the most internationally recognized Agile certifications for software development and beyond. Employers throughout the world are asking for them by name.

Meet the Team

In a world of one-off trainers and companies focused on all kinds of trainings, Braintrust Group is proud to have a dedicated team of Agile Experts. From Trainers to Coaches to Agile Advisors, our team boasts over 100 years of collective Agile experience.

Fred Mastropasqua, CST, CS@ST, CSP, PMI-ACP

Chief Executive Officer

Fred’s robust experience makes him a very well-rounded, with an understanding of all IT disciplines and the business. This technical experience coupled with Fred’s management experience served to cultivate his training style based on his real-world experiences.

Brian Rabon, CST, PMP

Advisory Board Member

Brian is our visionary leader. Though he is world-renowned for his training skills, his public speaking, and his effective coaching style, we know him for his aversion to shoes and his love of skiing.

Rod Patane


As president of ClearlyAgile, Rod Patane focuses on business strategy, operational growth, sales, recruiting, and finance. His strong understanding of the technology industry helps Rod identify progressive solutions and anticipate customer needs. His holistic leadership stance is distinct at every touchpoint: Rod supports his team members, listens to client needs, and ensures business initiatives align with ClearlyAgile’s mission and vision. Additionally, Rod excels at coaching companies – whether established or startup – by evaluating leadership, pinpointing current and future needs, and identifying areas of enhancement/redirection to maximize revenue. 

Dan Reynolds, CSM, CSPO, CAL

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Vice President Sales & Marketing — When it comes to helping our clients plan their Agile roadmaps, design coaching plans and create custom engagements, Dan is the man.

John Pilch

SVP of Operations

As Senior Vice President of Business Transformation and Operations at ClearlyAgile, John brings with him nearly 15 years of technology and account management experience. Having previously worked for several large information technology & services organizations, he instantly felt right at home managing client engagements for ClearlyAgile. John also plays a key role in helping to foster productive relationships with clients and partners on behalf of the company. John’s big-picture strategic thinking is the foundation of success for every ClearlyAgile engagement.

Scott Feazell

Director of Business Development

Scott Feazell serves as the Director of Business Development at Clearly Agile. Scott has over ten years of experience in software development and prides himself as a technical advisor who has helped many organizations overcome the challenges presented by the enterprise cloud. He is a recognized change agent and specializes in providing companies a way to automate and integrate the processes between software development and operations teams. 

Ashley Stiffler

After a decade of directing an athletic training facility, Ashley left the fitness industry and jumped into the world of IT. Since 2016 Ashley has matched hundreds of technology candidates to new roles in the Tampa Bay area. Originally joining ClearlyAgile as a Talent Expansion Specialist, she contributed to growing the ClearlyAgile team and culture. In 2020 she combined her love for connecting with people and her belief in the ClearlyAgile Mission by launching our Digital Communications department. Ashley’s goal is to expand our brand’s reach through social media, virtual education, and community outreach throughout Tampa. Ashley also plays a leading role in the design, sales, administration, and facilitation of our training classes.

Robert Shaw

Vice President of Agile Practice

Robert is Vice President of Agile Practice boasting over 20 years of career experience in software development. Since 2007 Robert has specialized in agile leadership and coaching; most recently serving as Chief Agilist at Frontline Technologies inc. Robert deeply understands agile at all levels for business. He strongly believes in coaching from the trenches and helping companies take ownership and pride in the end product they have achieved. Robert loves guiding transformations, agile at scale initiatives, and believes in servant leadership to a fault. This style of leadership results in his being able to create a strong sense of community among his team as he realizes it is just as important to listen as it is to talk and take action to achieve meaningful change.

Rachel Schumacher

Director of Agile Education

Rachel is a highly respected Agile Delivery Coach who is deeply passionate about empowering both organizations and team members to best improve velocity and performance for successful deliveries. Her approachability, practicality and communication skills enable her to accomplish complex deliverables while advocating for value, trust, and transparent principles. Rachel has widespread experience in remote agile project management, agile delivery, agile methodologies, account management, project discovery and design, release management, vendor management, and predictive analysis.

Allyson Bowers, CSM, CSPO

Agile Advisor

For more than a decade, Allyson has worked with Teams and individuals to help find meaningful solutions for Organizations to help lead Agile initiatives, as well as helping individuals to pursue career growth.

Kristyn Bara, CSM

Agile Advisor

Kristyn’s number one responsibility is building solutions that meet client’s business challenges. She recognizes that there is not one solution that matches every situation, so she focuses on creating adaptable strategies for each client.

Kate Megaw, CST, PMP, CAL


Kate is a passionate trainer, with a special interest in Certified Agile Leadership Training & Coaching.

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