• Nicole Fleming, CSM, CSPO, CAL

    Operations Coordinator -- Nicole runs our entire operations center. From coordinating class dates and instructors to finalizing certificates for class graduates, Nicole makes our classes run. She is the road crew for our rock star trainers.

  • Maryann Mellor, CSM

    Logistics Coordinator -- MaryAnn has one of the most critical jobs in the entire company. She coordinates all of our hotels, class venues, and catering. So if you requested the extra special meal with extra pickles, MaryAnn is the one who hooked you up.

  • Kaden Schmitt, CSM

    Supplies Coordinator -- Kaden uses Kanban board to manage the supplies needed for all of our classes. If you've ever taken one of our classes, you've seen all of the supplies. Kaden is the guy who makes all of that happen. He makes sure our attendees have exactly what they need.

  • Donna Scheriff, CSM

    Operations Coordinator -- Donna is so much more than just a coordinator. With classes all over the country, Donna keeps our schedule up to date, keeps our details in order, and keeps the Braintrust train running on schedule.

  • Jeffrey Van Brunt, CSM, CSPO, CAL

    Supplies & Social Media -- Jeff is our jack of all trades. When he's not busy fulfilling online orders or making sure our class attendees have the supplies they need, he also manages our social media. So blame Jeff if we've ever posted an unflattering photo of you on Instagram.

  • Chrissy Scavezze

    Facilitator -- Chrissy joined our team in 2017 as our dedicated leadership facilitator. She guides our clients through the process of Certified Agile Leader Credentials I and II.

  • Erick Fleming, CSM, CSD, MCSD, JCD

    Certified Scrum Development Leader -- In a world of tech-savvy trainers and coders, Erick is the savviest of us all. Heading up our Certified Scrum Developer curriculum, Erick works directly with developers on Agile Engineering, Test Driven Development and other cutting edge programming practices.

  • Fred Mastropasqua, CST, CS@ST, CSP, PMI-ACP

    Agile Coach & Trainer -- Fred's robust experience makes him a very well-rounded, with an understanding across all IT disciplines and the business. This technical experience coupled with Fred’s management experience served to cultivate his training style based on his real-world experiences.

  • Tom Mellor, CST

    Senior Agile Coach & Trainer -- Tom is kind of our Agile Yoda. He has been a CST for over 8 years and has trained thousands of people in the art of Agile.

  • Bill Schaller, CSP, CSM, CSPO, CAL

    Senior Agile Coach & Trainer -- In his classes, Bill focuses on employee engagement, team collaboration and leadership development to enable rapid delivery of features, improve product quality and time-to-market reliability.

  • Anu Smalley, CST

    Certified Scrum Trainer & Agile Coach -- Anu is an IT professional with over 20 years of industry experience. She has extensive experience with large scale agile transformations and specializes in leadership coaching and large group facilitation.

  • Kristyn Bara, CSM

    Client Services Representative -- Kristyn’s number one responsibility is building solutions that meet client’s business challenges. She recognizes that there is not one solution that matches every situation, so she focuses on creating adaptable strategies for each client.

  • Scott Dunbar, CSM, CAL

    Client Services Representative -- Scott specializes in building meaningful relationships with customers. As a solutions specialist, his role is to guide clients through their business challenges and build innovative solutions that deliver proven ROI.

  • Allyson Bowers, CSM, CSPO

    Client Services Representative -- Based in Portland, OR, Allyson supports and guides all of our west coast clients.

  • Dan Reynolds, CSM, CSPO, CAL

    Vice President Sales & Marketing -- When it comes to helping our clients plan their Agile roadmaps, design coaching plans and create custom engagements, Dan is the man.

  • Kate Megaw, CST, PMP, CAL

    President -- Originally from Scotland, we are sure glad Kate chose to cross the pond. As a CST Kate leads our training curriculum and manages pretty much everything that we do. We have no idea how she does it all, but we know we couldn't live without her.

  • Brian Rabon, CST, PMP

    Chief Executive Officer -- Brian is our visionary leader. Though he is world renowned for his training skills, his public speaking, and his effective coaching style, we know him for his aversion to shoes and his love of skiing.